Where do Video and Purpose Intersect? {Client Story}

September 20th, 2016|

Have you ever experienced where video and purpose intersect? Dr. Livingood demonstrates this perfectly. (Yes. Livingood. That’s his real name.) Health is his focus, and he’s using his energy, and experiences to work with people as they maximize their life to reach their full God-given health potential. We’ve come to know Dr. Blake Livingood by making videos with him. Videos like this one… […]

How to Add Subtitles/CC to Your YouTube & Facebook Videos

September 13th, 2016|

Subtitles. Closed Captioning. When you think of those words, you may think of the words that pop up on-screen during foreign movies. Or on that TV in the waiting room at your dentist’s office. What you may not realize is that adding subtitles or closed captions to your online videos can actually be a good […]

How Does Green Screen Work?

September 6th, 2016|

Have you ever watched a big-budget movie and wondered, “How did they do those special effects with real actors?” Easy. With a green screen you can practically do anything! In filmmaking, and video production, using a green screen in the background can easily allow editors in post-production to remove the color and replace it with […]

Use Graphics for Engaging Marketing Videos

August 30th, 2016|

No graphics? B-o-r-ing! Have you watched a video of a presenter talking (and nothing else) for 3-5 straight minutes? It’s boring, huh? Not even close… more like sleep-inducing – complete with snoring. Graphics – including photos, icons, text and animation – work to keep viewers engaged. Well placed and relevant graphics can make all the […]

9 Items Your Video Team Needs From You

August 23rd, 2016|

You’re ready to hire a professional video team to make your video. Now what? Have you ever been involved with a project where expectations were not communicated? Perhaps you showed up to a meeting and someone expected you to have a document ready, yet they failed to communicate that to you. Frustrating, isn’t it? If […]

9 Points You Need to Know to Shoot a Marketing Video

August 16th, 2016|

Shoot a Marketing Video – is it that simple? Yes. And no. Shooting the marketing video can be simple if you’ve done all the prep! The preparation to shoot a marketing video isn’t simple. Shooting a marketing video is like painting a room. The act of putting paint on a wall doesn’t take much time at all… […]

4 Types of Marketing Videos

August 9th, 2016|

Remember the famous line from Field of Dreams, “Build it and they will come”? Many businesses adopt a similar philosophy when it comes to video marketing–”Film it and they will come.” The thinking is that if you just slap videos on your website, or social media channels, customers will flood your inbox with inquiries. Sadly, […]

8 Tips for Making Videos with your Smartphone

August 4th, 2016|

The smartphone in your hand will make a video within seconds. Will that video, made with your smart phone, show you in a positive or negative view?  Will there be black bars on either side of your head?  Will your viewer get sea-sick because your video is so shaky? How will the audio on the video turn […]

KEY5 Conference for Speakers

August 2nd, 2016|

Are you a professional speaker? Are you using video to market yourself? We’ve heard the request over and over again from professional speakers – the need to have great looking videos of them presenting to a large audience. It’s basically required from event planners in order to get paid speaking gigs. Yet, it can be extremely difficult […]

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