Imagine you’ve made a bunch of videos – you’re becoming a well-known personality. You are the expert in your field.  You’ve become the go-to person for your expertise. People know you’re good on camera because of all the videos you’ve done. Guess what comes next?

You get a call to be interviewed.  

Beverly Mahone, a media trainer for Boomers, joined us in the studio to give you some tips for this scenario. (She’ll be recording a video on being the interviewer, soon.)

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Here we go:

  1. Thank your host for asking you for your expertise.  Then, determine what information the interviewer needs from you to prepare for the interview. Send information in an email, send a copy of your book, make sure you provided everything they need for a great interview.
  2. Show up early – 20 minutes before the interview – to be prepared and answer any last-minute questions from your host.
  3. Thank the host on air for being invited to speak.
  4. If you’re on the radio – smile! Listeners can hear a smile.
  5. Be subject appropriate in your demeanor.
  6. Don’t over-shine the host. Ever.
  7. Be brief. Answer directly and concisely. Answer the question asked.  Give ‘sound bites’.  Sound bites are great for a promotional tool.
  8. Don’t be defensive. Remain calm regardless if the host ‘rattles your cage’. You’re the expert.
  9. Avoid “yes” and “no” answers. If the host asks questions where a yes or no is necessary, then answer, “Yes, because…”
  10. Feed off of the energy of the host – use high energy. In an interview, come across as excited and passionate.
Beverly Mahone is the expert in her field of media training. She’s our ‘go-to’ person!  Thanks, Bev.

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