Guide to 2016 Marketing Trends

Guide to 2016 Marketing Trends
What are the marketing trends for 2016 in the Raleigh-Durham region? Where will other businesses be spending their marketing dollars?
In November 2015, Your Local Studio and four other local businesses asked for feedback via a survey. The other companies involved in requesting responses from their clients were: Page Progressive, Whiteboard Creations,  iNetProcess and Big Think Innovation.

This is a Quick Peek Guide to the results of the survey. (You can also download the full report, from a link in the Quick Peek Guide.)

Compare how you’ll be spending your marketing dollars with the other respondents, in areas such as

  • website development
  • how you’ll use video
  • in which ways you’ll generate new leads
  • how you’ll stay in front of your customers
  • what you’ll do with marketing automation
  • and whether you’ll be investing in e-commence.

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