Wouldn’t it be great if everything in life were easy?


  • if someone cooked all your meals
  • if someone did your laundry
  • if someone drove you around

Hmm.  Well, you might have had that when you were a kid in your parents’ home, but today is different.

Usually life is more complicated and more difficult than we expect.

That’s why the testimonial from Jedidiah at Caliber Technologies was so valuable to us – he said we made making a video EASY!

10 Times Easier than he expected…

It was fun to have Jedidiah in the studio – he brought along his four-footed friend, Bella. At EpicRealm we love dogs, and Bella was very well behaved!

Every Caliber Technologies customer receives a custom solution matching their individual needs and goals. The company regularly gives back to the community in many projects.  Take a look at their video highlighting 2011.