What’s a great way to communicate authentically with your audience and share your thoughts on LinkedIn?

The answer is: the classic vlog!

This type of video has been growing in popularity on LinkedIn, but it’s still a great (and simple!) way to create valuable content for your audience.

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Here are a few reasons why you need to start creating vlogs for LinkedIn.

They’re simple and easy to share

The great thing about the vlog style is that they’re simple. They tend to look and feel under-produced, which is actually what makes them so popular. They feel authentic, raw, and real, like you’re having a direct conversation with viewers.

Vlogs are a great format for thought leadership, company updates, tips, industry news, “food for thought” content, and more.

All you really need is a camera or your smartphone, and you’re ready to start creating!

They’re great for engagement

Because vlogs are so personal and authentic, they’re great for starting conversations and engagement. You can ask your audience for their thoughts and start a conversation (or a debate!) in the comments on LinkedIn.

Think of some conversations you could start right now with your audience. Want to get their thoughts on the industry? Learned something new you want to share? Thinking about getting feedback on an upcoming business decision? The vlog can help you get the engagement you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to start creating video content on LinkedIn that’s relatable, personal, and authentic, the classic vlog is the way to go. All you need is a simple camera (yes, even the one that’s one your smartphone), and you can start creating great content now.

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Special thanks to Kevin Kolbe. He’s an online video marketing specialist, producer, storyteller, and creative dude who heads up Kevin Kolbe Media, LLC. Find out more: https://kevinkolbe.com/