So you’ve decided that YouTube videos are a useful and powerful tool for your business. Yes, they definitely are! But how can you generate revenue and leads from the YouTube videos you already have? In today’s “Video Marketing Tips” episode we hope you’ll learn two smart ways of generating new opportunities by using YouTube videos.

At Your Local Studio, we know there are a lot of powerful strategies to move your audience from being followers to actual buyers of your product or service. And we love to see how companies can improve their revenue stream by producing YouTube videos and maximizing their online exposure.

Watch the video below to find out two smart ways to generate revenue with YouTube.

How can you actually do this? Check out two ways to start generating more viewers, gain exposure and monetize your YouTube videos: 

1. Collaboration: YouTube is a social platform, the audience is already there and wants to learn. They are always looking for new videos to feed their curiosity. When you think about your target, you probably share it with another company or brand that’s already on YouTube. Determine the person or brand and connect (yes, why not?) to film together as partners. The result may very well be that you’ll realize you share an audience and a passion. Their viewers will like your content and the same way around. And there you go, everybody wins!

Perhaps share content that’s been slightly modified in both YouTube channels. This works as a tactic to expose yourself to an already friendly audience. In the end, you’ll both reach new contacts, have new exposure, and hopefully new subscribers and viewers.

By understanding that YouTube is a social platform and finding another business or channel that covers slightly different content yet appeals to the same audience is a smart way of making the most of your existing YouTube content. is a valuable tool to find perfect the YouTube partners. It allows you to search for other channels, and to see how many views and subscribers these channels are gaining, thereby defining the best YouTube channels to connect with. And a tip: don’t try to partner with someone too big! Find a YouTube channel, a YouTuber, that’s a bit bigger than you to make the partnership useful on both sides. The smaller you are, the more care is needed with collaborations as you’re exposed to new audiences.

Another tactic is to reach out to people who are not on YouTube but have a significant number of followers on other social media platforms, like Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. This allows you to build an audience across social media channels and introduces them to a new audience on YouTube.

2. Sponsorship: Looking for influencers is a smart strategy. Some small companies may not care or completely understand this strategy, while bigger companies are probably already using it as a YouTube strategy. Just consider – sponsorship can mean sending your product to a micro influencer to post a review video. Even smaller influences and sponsorships will increase awareness.

There are some areas, especially ones related to young people, which are quite popular on YouTube: makeup and cosmetics, gaming and entertainment, lifestyle and vlogging and entrepreneurship. If your product or service belongs to those areas, it makes sense to be active on YouTube.

Again, don’t go for the big fish.  Start with YouTube channels that are beginning, or are in a similar position as you are. There are chances, YouTubers with less than 100K subscribers may welcome your invitation.

Another option is to use affiliate links. This means potentially no money to start the sponsorship but allowing the people you sponsor to monetize their videos. Influencers can add the affiliate link in the video where they talk about your brand or business.

And there are the two smart strategies to gain exposure for your YouTube videos: collaborate and begin a sponsorship opportunity.

What are your thoughts on these strategies? Have you already used one of these? Share your YouTube experience with collaboration or sponsorship opportunities!

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