Things change pretty quickly in the Facebook world, and marketers need to keep up with the rapid growth. In 2008 when the first social media network was “just a passing fad” there were about 50 million users. Today there are nearly 1.4 billion users worldwide.

The United States and Canada is now just a subset of the Facebook global family. Asia Pacific is the largest at 449 million and Europe has another 301 million. Check out some of these Facebook facts that will not only wow your next dinner part guests, but will help your Facebook ad campaigns.

21 Facts & Stats for Facebook Marketers

  1. Every second there are 20,000 people on Facebook. This means in just 18 minutes there are 11 million users on Facebook.
  2. On average there are 486,183 users a minute accessing Facebook from their mobile.
  3. 79% of all users are accessing Facebook from their mobile.
  4. There are 745 million daily mobile users.
  5. Facebook is adding 7,246 people every 15 minutes or 8 per second.
  6. Every minute there are 150,000 messages sent.
  7. Every 15 minutes there are over 49 million posts. To be precise 49,433,000 or 3 million posts per minute.
  8. There are 100,000 friend requests every 10 minutes.
  9. There are 500,000 Facebook “likes” every minute.
  10. Facebook generates $1.4 million in revenue every hour.
  11. Nearly 73% of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from mobile advertising.
  12. Facebook earns $2.5 billion a quarter from mobile advertising.
  13. People share 1.3 million pieces of content on Facebook every minute of every day.
  14. In November of 2014 the number of video uploads to Facebook exceeded YouTube video uploads according to Social Bakers.
  15. Facebook generated $12.47 billion in sales in 2014 (rise of 58% year on year).
  16. Photo uploads are 350 million per day.
  17. Users spend 21 minutes per day on average on Facebook.
  18. 31% of US senior citizens are on Facebook.
  19. 66% of all millennials (15-34 year olds) use Facebook.
  20. People spend 927 million hours a month playing Facebook games.
  21. There are 1 billion mobile app links enabled on Facebook.



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