OK – maybe you don’t see yourself as a sales professional.  But for every business, sales are a priority.  Have you ever wondered how to get better at sales?  Where would you start?

I asked a sales trainer – Rich Gorman from Sandler Training – for 3 tips to get us started.

  1. Ask Better Questions –  Your value as a sales person is more of a reflection of the information you get, than the information that you give.
  2. There are only 4 outcomes from a sales call. – A yes – a no – a clear outcome – and a referral.
  3. Have a system. – It’s not about a style, it’s about a system that can be measured and improved over time.

If you’d like more information from Rich about sales, and creating a system for your business, find out more here.

A little more:

If you’re interested in learning more about sales in general, in our Spring 2012 Learning Series Tim Moore presented a hour-long webisode called “The Formula For Business and Sales Success“.  He shared many interesting ideas – it’s worth a view.