Let’s be honest–generating new leads can be a challenge.

Where do you go to find new leads? What tools do you use to find these leads? How do you track whether you’re actually getting somewhere?

Business owners and marketers ask questions like these all the time. Frankly, the process of lead generation can be downright frustrating, especially if you’re completely new to it. We video chatted with four professionals on our Video Podcast to get their perspective and input on addressing this challenge of today’s lead generation process and how to navigate it.

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For a business owner or marketer, the challenge can be in defining what exactly constitutes lead generation.  Re-Marketing Expert Pat Howlett of Be the Gorilla, LLC shared his thoughts with us on this problem.

“People…actually believe that, ‘When I’m on Facebook, or I’m on Twitter’…that somehow or another that’s lead generation, and it’s not.”

Pat suggested a new way of looking at one popular social media platform:

“I do believe that Facebook is an advertising network disguised…as a social network,” he said. “They’re in the  advertising business.”

That’s just a snippet of expert advice from the podcast. Watch the full episode above to learn more about additional challenges in lead generation.

Our other guests included:


You can watch the raw interviews we conducted with each expert below.

Have you encountered any challenges in lead generation? Have any advice you would like to add? Be sure to leave a comment and share your thoughts!






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