I hear it all the time… I’m making a video for my business, but I don’t need a script. I’ll just wing it. That’s wrong. You do need a script! It just might not be the traditional script you’re thinking about.

As a video and tech advisor at Your Local Studio, I help my clients quickly create great scripts for their videos. So, I want to share a few tips that we suggest to all of our clients with you. If you’d just like the highlights of what I cover in the video above, read on!

4 things to do before writing a business video script are:

  1. Create a Video Action Plan: a one sheet document that defines the who/what/why about your video
  2. Know Your Audience: who do you want to watch your video and what are they interested in?
  3. Determine Your Purpose: what do you want your video to do for you?
  4. Know Your End Distribution: where will you be actually posting the video online?

4 types of business video scripts that you can utilize and create are:

  1. Word for Word: Writing exactly what you plan to say. This is great for sales videos who need to cover specific pieces of information about a product. This is also necessary for businesses who are in a regulatory industry such as lawyers or financial advisors.
  2. Interview-Based: This is a great option for people who are not comfortable on camera or struggle to memorize a script. But, this takes quite a bit of planning in the questions and the answers to those questions.
  3. Bulleted Talking Points: This is where you know what needs to be covered, but there isn’t a script. This is great for people who are experts in their subject matter and can confidently speak off-the-cuff about the information.
  4. A/V Script (No Dialogue): A/V is an audio-visual script or a script of just what will show on the screen. Not all videos need narration or someone talking on the video.

A few writing tips for business video scripts are:

  1. Come up with a Tweetable, One Sentence Summary of the Script.
  2. What is the Tone or Mood of the Video? For example, the tone could be scary or fearful to help customers feel like they could gain comfort from your product or service.
  3. How Many Words Should the Dialogue Script Be? Every 150 words is about one-minute in a video. So, it truly depends on how long you want the video to be.

I hope this can be a good guide to help you create your next business video. For even more tips, check out The Marketer’s Guide to Video on Amazon.

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