Remember the famous line from Field of Dreams, “Build it and they will come”?

Many businesses adopt a similar philosophy when it comes to video marketing–”Film it and they will come.”

The thinking is that if you just slap videos on your website, or social media channels, customers will flood your inbox with inquiries.

Sadly, that kind of philosophy applied to video won’t last long.

Earlier in the year, we wrote a post on the most effective type of video content. The reason the hap-hazard approach to creating video doesn’t work is because there are certain types of videos that get results. They resonate with potential customers and communicate value about a product or service.

If you’re curious about what type of video marketing you should focus on, here are 4 good, solid choices:


The testimonial video

You might think your product or service is so good, it will speak for itself. That might true for you, but wouldn’t it be even better to have past customers speak for you?

Customer testimonials are one of the best marketing videos you can make. Done right, they’re effective, authentic, and really easy to produce. Rather than tooting your own horn, which of your past customers would be willing to toot it for you?

The company overview video

Another great option for a marketing video is a company overview video, also known as the company promo or company culture video. Having this type of video on your website gives your customers a chance to get to you know a little better.

Videos like these tend to be interview style, and shed light on the company mission, values, and the overall “how” and “why” they do things. You may have plenty of potential customers who aren’t ready to convert. But if they got to you know your company better on a deeper level, they might change their mind.

The product demo video

If the main thing you’re selling is a line of products, then a product demo video is an absolute must. It’s a great way to show off your product in all of its glory.

Think of product demo videos as a type of “try before you buy”. Having these kinds of videos on your website lets potential customers visually try out your product and see what it can do. For companies that market an individual product or a line of products, having product demos available may be the thing that potential customers need to convert.

The how-to video

I know what you might be thinking. Is it somewhere along the lines of “how does that count as marketing?”

Hold on a second though. It might sound strange, but how-to videos have become immensely popular on platforms like YouTube. There is a demand for instructional, step-by-step content.

You already have plenty of knowledge of your industry and your own product. Why not share some of that knowledge with potential customers out there who could benefit from it? Doing so sets you up as a trustworthy go-to source of information for your audience.


It’s worth sitting down and planning out a strategy for what type of video content you’re going to create for your business.  Don’t just create video willy-nilly. Be intentional. Focus on the kind of marketing content that will really connect with viewers and bring in results.