You already know that creating videos for your business is important and that seeing and connecting with a live person on video is even more important, but, you hesitate.

Why? Not because of the cost, or time investment or even coming up with a script – you have an awesome team of people to help you with that. You hesitate because you don’t want to be the one in front of the camera. You don’t want look awkward, mess up on lines or sound flat and boring.

You are camera shy.

Well I have good news for you – there is a cure! The following tips, when put to good use, will turn that camera shyness into camera boldness and help you be you on (or off) camera.

#1 – First thing is first. Whether you are on camera or off you MUST learn to love your imperfections just as much as your perfections. Your imperfections make you relatable and likeable and that is a good thing! So throw the idea of “everything must be perfect” out the window. As soon as you begin to accept yourself as you really are, you will get to know the real you and that is the person that the world needs to see!

Practically, you can look in a mirror and say 10 positive things about yourself (I like my hair, I have a great smile, I love my laugh etc…) and also say 5 things you consider imperfections (I have a funny mole on my cheek, I tilt my head weird when I feel insecure etc…) and then say, “but it’s okay, because that makes me who I am and I am awesome!”.

#2 Practice makes …. predictable! (you thought I was going to say perfect didn’t you? We already got rid of perfect, remember?) The more practice and experience you have the more predictable your experience will be and the more comfortable you will feel. Period. So practice, practice, practice until being on camera feels more natural and predictable.

Practically, you can do the following:

– Practice your lines out loud, even if you will have a teleprompter. Better yet, record yourself on your phone or computer and play it back.

– Take photos of yourself with different facial expressions.

– Practice reading your lines while staring at a large black dot you tape to your wall (don’t use a mirror).

– Close your eyes and visualize your experience going well and feeling fun and relaxed.

– Practice filming yourself several times and watch it back. You can learn what you might want to change and also get used to seeing and hearing yourself on film.

#3 Remember, you are not alone. According to research 74% of people have an issue with public speaking (Source). That means every 3 out of 4 people are afraid. Being in front of the camera can feel very much like public speaking, however the best part is you can usually redo your take. So don’t worry about getting it right the first time! There is always take 3,4 or 14. (Did you know that the average person being filmed here at Your Local Studio has 14 takes?!)

#4 Know that seeing yourself in a mirror is totally different from seeing yourself on film, believe it or not. You are so used to seeing a mirror image of yourself and hearing your voice in your own head that seeing and hearing yourself on camera can seem very strange the first few times. This is why tip #2 is so important. Be persistent and practice. Over time your brain will adjust to the “new” version of you.

#5 Focus determines your reality, so focus on the greater why behind your video and who will be listening to your message. When you care more about getting your message across than how you look or sound you will naturally do better!

#6 Feel like a star! Do you have a favorite outfit or hairstyle you like to wear? Then wear it! Whatever makes you feel confident, comfortable and like a million bucks – even if it only cost 5 – you should wear that! How you feel even before you walk into our studio will greatly determine how you feel when you start recording.

So there you have it! My 6 Tips to Turn Camera Shyness into Camera Boldness. If these tips have been useful to you or you have a few of your own tips, leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you! And don’t forget to jump on our mailing list if you want this kind of content delivered to your inbox hot off the press!

Until next time,
Ali from Your Local Studio