So you’ve got that new video edited and ready to be posted to Facebook–fantastic! Just wait a sec before you click “publish”.

On our last “Video Marketing Tips” we shared important points to keep in mind when you’re editing your Facebook marketing videos. Watch the video below and continue learning about the video process by understanding 7 great tips on sharing your videos on Facebook.

At Your Local Studio, we know videos on Facebook work so crazy good (like, basically if you aren’t doing videos on Facebook – why not?!) and we’re constantly trying to understand how we can make even better videos. Watch the video above for all the details for good tips on sharing videos on Facebook, but here is a brief recap: 

  1. Upload your videos natively. If you’re going to share your marketing videos on Facebook, you’ll definitely want to upload them natively, rather than using a link. Facebook obviously does not want users to leave their platform to watch content elsewhere, so they will they reward video content that’s uploaded directly to Facebook. Be sure to do this with any marketing video you share on Facebook!
  2. Craft a descriptive title. Don’t just upload your video and call it a day, write some engaging copy to make people want to watch and engage! Consider a nice headline to generate curiosity, and test different headlines out to see which ones work better.
  3. Give a preview of the video in your text copy. Write some text to go with your video–better yet, use the text to give a sort of “sneak peek” of your video. One way to do this is to pose a question in your post, implying that the answer is found in the actual video.
  4. Custom Thumbnails. Rather than just choosing a thumbnail provided or chosen by Facebook, make your own eye-catching image to use instead. Even though autoplay is the default for most social platforms, some people do turn the feature off, making a static thumbnail all the more important.
  5. Interact with your audience. If someone leaves a comment, be sure to respond rather than leaving them hanging. Engagement is actually more important than reach, so make sure you’re responding to any engagement with your video.
  6. Choose the preferred audience for your videos. Facebook provides you the ability for company, brand and fan pages to select a specific or “preferred” audience to be the only who sees your video post. This is especially helpful when you have a very large page following or when running a Facebook ad.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you feel something is not working for your video, make some changes. Change the description, try a new headline. Maybe upload a different thumbnail. Try new things and see if you get better results.

There you have it! 7 tips to keep in mind when you’re ready to share your video on Facebook. Do you have any other sharing tips for Facebook videos? We’d love to hear about it! Please leave it in our comments below.

And always remember to check out Your Local Studio on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook  for more great tips on video!