We recently had a new client come to our studio to record some training videos.

It was a blast, and our client was, shall we say, of legendary proportions. In fact, you may have heard of him–he’s kind of a big deal.

We made a video of our experience working with him. Watch it below!


That’s right folks–Santa Claus booked a studio session at Your Local Studio and flew in all the way from the North Pole (parking the sleigh was interesting, we had to come up with some workarounds).

He was quite the jolly fellow, like everyone says. In addition to making some training videos for Santa’s elves, we managed to document our experience with him on camera. Read on for a recap of our side-splitting day of filming with Santa.

Santa had some “creative” ideas

We had a brainstorming session with Santa using the whiteboard, to help flesh out his idea. What originally started out as a series of training videos morphed into something else entirely. He was full of, uh….“Interesting” ideas. Watch the hilarious brainstorming session below.

The lightboard was a big hit

We settled on the idea that the lightboard would work best for his training videos. Mr. Claus was a big fan! Turns out, he’s a quite the handyman too, and seemed to imply that he knew how to build a lightboard. Who knew!

Watch Santa test out the lightboard below.

How many videos?!

After filming all of his content, we met with Santa to discuss editing the footage and some next steps. Santa has a lot of elves (over 1,000 apparently), so he came up with the idea of splitting some of the videos to better accommodate all those workers. That’s a lot of videos!





That’ll be 500 cookies, please

Alex sat down with Santa after his session to discuss payment, which Santa had brought with him. As it turns out, Santa is loaded…just not with cash. Get a fly-on-wall view of Alex’s conversation with Santa by watching the video below!




The big man liked the setup

He seemed pretty impressed with our two studio rooms. He even took a peek at our equipment and mumbled something about “We can do better”. We’re still not sure what he meant by that, but we’ll take it.


Overall, we had really positive and jolly experience with Santa Claus. We’re hoping these training videos will really help his employees over at the North Pole.



Special shout-out to Peter Birkner of Birkner Insurance for playing the role of Santa. You did great!

Have a great Christmas, and we wish you and your families well this season.

Merry Christmas from the team

at Your Local Studio!