Alan Hoffler presented “Three Communication Tips to Make Sure People Remember You,” a LIVE webisode broadcast part of Your Local Studio’s Spring 2012 Learning Series, on 4/14/12. Take a look at the recorded version below:

The original presentation description was:

Whether it’s a sales call, a networking event, a marketing promotion, speaking or giving a seminar, or even just an informal social connection, being remembered FOR THE RIGHT THING is a desired and valued outcome from human interaction.  It’s also GREAT for business!  When we are making impressions for the first (or umpteenth!) time, what can we do to increase the retention and accuracy of our image in our audience?

Join us for this creative look at the power of our words and how we deliver them, and the impact we can create by adjusting our technique, our content, and the methods we use to connect with our audience.  In this fast-moving seminar, you will create the desired memory you want others to have of you, craft “buckets” and words that are likely to get remembered, and examine techniques that are “sticky” and how your delivery affects what other will say about you later.  You will examine the interaction between the core elements of communication and how different situations demand a different technique to make sure what people remember and say about you brings you a great reputation and referral business.

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