I love to take popular marketing videos (both high production quality and low quality) and break them down to understand how they made it, what worked, and what didn’t work.

In this episode, we break down Apple’s latest “Homepod” commercial directed by Spike Jonze. To do the “breaking down” we had Jason Urgo with Social Blade, Alex (myself) with Your Local Studio and Joe Daly, brilliant video producer.

Haven’t seen the ad yet? Watch it below:

4 takeaways from Apple’s Homepod video ad we noticed:

  1. Production Style and Quality: Apple (obviously) has quite a large budget for marketing and this commercial shows that off well. The video has a cinematic quality that’s incredibly engaging We can tell quite a bit of money and time was spent both in pre-production (potentially 3-9 months) in preparation for the shoot, and at least several days if not weeks of production. After we shot this video breakdown episode, we came across this behind the scenes video that shows that almost all their visuals were done not in editing or post-production but actually practical effects done when shooting. Mad props!
  2. Video Strategy and Perceived Goal: The feel of this ad is almost like a music video – why would Apple choose to do it that way? The goal may have been to communicate the strength of the sound features. We all know Apple is late to the game and Siri is not as good as the other personal assistance. But, their sound features are the strongest at the moment. So, Apple is trying to communicate that while Siri isn’t the best, the Apple Homepod can make a small New York apartment feel much larger than it is. Plus, an added benefit of a music video feel is it seems less like a traditional “ad” or commercial so could be more engaging to viewers who come across it in their social feed.
  3. Distribution Plan: The video has been seen often on Facebook as a video ad and it felt as though it was just another entertaining video to watch. I believe they designed it so it was supposed to feel like you aren’t being advertised to (see point 2 above). But, interestingly, it is also running on YouTube with comments turned off – the assumption is to help protect their brand from what can happen on YouTube videos.
  4. Insights Marketers and Business Owners Can Gain: If budget allows, hire top-notch talent and even better is well-known talent (both the actors as well as directors), for optimum production quality and even more share-ability. Plus, focus less on your product/service/company – rather consider a story driven video that helps connect with emotions everyone will understand.

Do you have thought and ideas about this video as well? I’d love to hear it! Comment below.

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