It’s April! – the second quarter of 2017. Wow.

What’s up at Your Local Studio?

  • Studios A and B are up and running,
  • new members of the Team are making it all work smoothly,
  • the Lightboard and Whiteboard are cool new additions,
  • The first of 5 webcasts on making a marketing video is done (make sure you register for the next one at the end of April!)
  • and we’ve updated our Video packages to include unlimited time in the studio to record.

The three packages for Marketing Videos now have no cap on the time you can spend in the Studio to record your videos. Take as long as you like. (This is the only area that we’re not going to be quick!) You can keep on going, take after take, until you feel like you have a video performance exactly the way you like it.

We’ve also simplified other aspects of our packages including something sweet – Video Candy! What is Video Candy?  It’s all the elements that make your video enjoyable to watch.

Why the changes? Well, it’s about staying true to our mission at Your Local Studio!

Our Mission is…

To provide quick, simple, and affordable ways for our clients to communicate what matters through video.

Let’s make the second quarter of 2017 even better than the first!