It’s NOT a toaster oven!

Here’s our abridged summer 2017 at Your Local Studio:

  • LinkedIn wants your videos.
  • It was hot. Even in the studio.
  • Evan put his feet (and other parts of his body) on another continent.
  • It’s not a toaster oven. Really. (Ask Alex what it really is… )
  • Your Local Studio kept shipping* …  regardless.

How was your summer and now what?

Some of you might still be in the midst of summer… so forgive us for rushing you.  (But Alisane found a leaf on the ground that had turned color – just sayin’.)

August 2017 at Your Local Studio Update Fall is coming - here's proof

At some point, we all need to move into the last quarter of the year. Yup. That’s happening whether we like it or not. 2017 is moving forward and we all need to make a difference in our business world before it’s over!

What are you shipping*?

Shipping =  listening to your inner voice, buckling down and doing the work regardless of self-doubt. (It’s a Seth Godin term.)

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If there’s anything video or audio related we can help you with – we’re here for ya!

  • Want to start a Podcast? (we did that in Q3) If you want to pick our brains, give us a call!  Check out KEY5 Podcast
  • You have a green screen studio, but you’re not using it because (insert issue here)…  then call us. Let’s talk it through. We have suggestions and can provide practical solutions.
  • You have video footage sitting on your computer. It needs to be edited. We’re here for you! Editing can all happen remotely, and the Team is ready for you to call! Get that footage off your computer and onto YouTube or Wistia or…!
  • It’s time to update the video you did on your iPhone to something a bit more professional… Make it happen. We can do it together!  Our pay-as-you-go option has been the perfect solution for many people. Sit side-by-side with an editor and tell them exactly what you want.
  • A webinar will make a difference in your business. We agree – our “Making a Marketing Video” webinars are almost complete and the difference these videos will make for YourLocalStudio is going to be startling! (Ask Alex about the strategy behind these webinars and what the future looks like!)
  • You have a book. You want to make it an audio book. We’ve worked with authors to make it happen. 

No matter what you want to “ship” in the video/audio space, our mission is to be your trusted resource. (Yes, it really is our mission!)

Your Local Studio = Your trusted resource for everything video/audio related!

Wishing you a productive Q4 – Let’s do it!