Are you looking to edit video on a Mac computer, but you’re unsure of the best tools you’ll need to accomplish that?

We’ve done the research for you for and found the best of the best, so you don’t have to! Watch the video below for all the details.

Overall, there were 3 that were the best in terms of usability and features. One of them you already have–it comes with your Mac!

Here’s a breakdown of the 3 best free video editors for Mac:


OpenShot is more like a traditional video editor–albeit in a more slimmed down way. The features are limited compared to the big boys, but it’s enough to get the job done and learn the interface in a short time.

  • OpenShot is an open source tool (hence the name, probably), so it’s totally free. You can download it and start editing right away, without having to shell out a subscription fee.
  • It has a fairly easy to use interface with a traditional timeline built into it. Might be something of a learning curve if you’re not familiar with editing software, but OpenShot provides a  simple tutorial to walk you through it when you open it for the first time.
  • It has some decent features, like simple transitions and effects you can add to clips. However, a lot of the transitions available are pretty weird and extreme, so you’ll probably only end up using a small handful of what they give you.

Here’s a helpful tutorial on how to use OpenShot.


Definitely one of the best choices if you own a Mac–because it already comes with it! While not quite as robust as its big brother Final Cut Pro X, iMovie can hold its own with an impressive feature set for a free, native video editor.

  • iMovie has a fairly simple and easy to use interface. It’s very visual so the learning curve isn’t very steep, you’ll be able to figure out the navigation with just a few clicks.
  • iMovie has some features that you’d often find on pro editors–like color correction, footage stabilization, and audio noise reduction. You won’t find that on a lot of free editors!
  • This is a great option if you need a more intermediate tool with some nicer features, but don’t want to touch (or pay for) the pro-level options. As the learning curve is minimal, you’ll save a lot of time editing business videos on iMovie, as opposed to spending hours learning one of the more heavy-duty tools out there.

Here’s a full tutorial on how to use iMovie to edit videos.

HitFilm Express

This software is more comparable to the pro alternatives, like Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X. We recommend this for advanced users who have some familiarity with pro editing software but want to avoid an annoying subscription fee.

  • There’s a definite learning curve involved with HitFilm Express, but if you’ve never touched a pro editing tool in your life, it does provide a page in the software with plenty of how-to tutorials that walk you through different things.
  • The interface feels almost identical to Adobe’s Premiere Pro, but it’s much more simplified. Effects, transitions, and other features are easy to find with just a couple of clicks.
  • It’s technically free, but you’ll need to give HitFilm a shout out on your social media platform of choice before they give you download access. That’s definitely better than paying money though.

Here’s a great beginners’ tutorial on how to use HitFilm Express.

These 3 tools are all free, but what if you actually want to invest the money in a more professional editing software? Here are a few paid options for Mac users.

Final Cut Pro X

The big brother to iMovie, Final Cut Pro X is a powerful tool for editing videos (though we’re a little biased, as we love it). It’s a one time price of $299, but with all of its impressive pro-level features, it’s well worth the cost.

  • Final Cut has a really simple and clean interface that’s pretty easy to pick up once you get familiarized with it. The software’s main goal is to help users focus more on telling visual stories, and less on the technical side of things (some of which Final Cut will do for you in the background). This means in the end, Final Cut can save you a lot of time.
  • You’ll find a wide variety of pro video and audio effects, as well as professional color correction tools. While there are third-party plugins out there that will let you do different things in Final Cut, everything you really need already comes with the program the moment you download it. This means you can jump in and start editing right away.
  • One of Final Cut’s best features is how it handles organizing files for you. There’s no complicated folder structure you need to setup first, just import your footage and Final Cut will do the rest. There’s also a handy keywording tool that lets you mark sections of imported footage with “tags” so you can easily access specific points in your footage.
  • Final Cut is great for creating simpler videos too, or even social media videos. Some of the other paid tools out there are a bit overkill if you’re just trying to create a short 30-second trailer for Instagram, but Final Cut is so user friendly, you can create more simple videos in a pinch.

Here’s a beginner’s tutorial on getting started in Final Cut Pro X.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Last year, Adobe released a new editing software called Premiere Rush. While Premiere Pro is more aimed at filmmakers and video producers creating longer-form content, Rush is aimed at content creators and social influencers. Maybe you’re none of those things, but Rush is a very handy and simple tool to crank out video content in no time! And, like Premiere, if you’re already paying for a Creative Cloud subscription, you already have access to Rush.

  • Rush has a ridiculously simple interface that anyone can use, and it feels an awful lot like Final Cut Pro. Seems like Adobe took some…”inspiration” from it?
  • When working in projects, you can store all of your raw files in the cloud. That way, you can keep working on your stuff on the go using the Premiere Rush mobile app. Seriously, it’s pretty cool.
  • Exporting from Rush is a cinch, and it even allows you to publish directly to your social channels, like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Check out this video for a general walkthrough of Premiere Rush.

Out of all the research and testing we did, these tools stood out the most to us for their ease of use, simplicity, and features. If you need a Mac video editor to edit your next business video, these options will work for you!

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