So you’re ready to start creating business videos with your smartphone. How do you make sure the lighting looks great in your videos?

We’ve got some tips on how to make sure things are properly lit in your footage (and one of them is free!)

Don’t worry! There’s no affiliate link in this post. We’re just sharing with you lighting solutions we’ve used and really enjoy.

You have a free lighting source!

If you don’t have any means of getting lights, there’s a free light source you already have access to the sun!

Natural light can have a nice soft look, so use this option if you can. If you’re shooting indoors, have your subject stand next to a window. Don’t use windows as a backlight though, otherwise, your subject will turn into a silhouette.

Shooting outside on an overcast day can also result in soft lighting. Sunny days will give plenty of brightness, just pay attention to any harsh shadows created by the sun.

Lights for smartphones

The problem with sunlight is that it’s completely out of your control. So if you want a solution that gives you more control, you can invest in some lights.

An extremely cheap option is Arkon’s LED ring light. It’s rechargeable via USB, and clips right onto your phone. For about $20, you’ve got a simple lighting solution that has the ability to dim and change the color temperature of the light.

There’s plenty of other options out there. Most are small and plug into or clip onto your phone for under $100. You can still buy regular lights mounted on light stands if you have the budget, but if not, you can still get great-looking lighting without breaking the bank.

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