Do you want to start creating business videos with your smartphone?

You’ll need a way to capture good audio so your viewers will enjoy your video content.

We’ve got you covered–keep reading for some tips and tricks on capturing good audio on your smartphone.

Don’t worry! There’s no affiliate links in this post. We’re just sharing with you audio solutions we’ve used and really enjoy.

Use what you got

You might not know this, but the built-in microphone on your smartphone is actually pretty good.

For most situations (especially quiet ones, such as an indoor location), the built-in mic will work just fine for you. Just make sure the phone is about an arm’s length away from your subject and you’re golden. Any farther away than that, and the audio quality will start going down.

If you want to start making business videos with your smartphone right now, or don’t have the money to invest in an external mic, stick with the built-in mic.

Take things up a notch

If you want to get even better audio quality, then buying an external mic for your phone is a good option. And most smartphone mics are pretty inexpensive!

The simplest option is something like Rode’s Videomic Me, which just plugs into an iPhone’s Lightning port (there’s also an older model that plugs into the headphone jack). If you need to change the direction of the mic, simply pull it out, and flip around, and plug it back in.

Like the built-in mic, you’ll need to make sure the phone is an arm’s length away from the section.

There’s also Rode’s SmartLav+, which is a lavalier mic that plugs into your phone on one end, and clips to your subject’s shirt on the other. This is great if you can’t get close to your subject, or if your subject needs to move around a little bit.

External mics like these are great for noisy environments (especially the VideoMic Me), as they’ll filter out some of that sound and focus only on the subject’s voice.

While the built-in mic on your phone will work fine, for under $100, you can get great-sounding audio for your business videos!

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