Looking to up your game with making videos on your smartphone?

One way to do that is to get rid of that shaky footage. We’ve got a couple of tools you can use to fix that and get you smoother-looking video footage.

Stabilize this

The best way to get rid of that shake is to invest in some stabilization. There’s plenty of options out there, from traditional tripods to fancier handheld gimbals. The good news is, most stabilization for smartphones is pretty affordable, with most options being under $200.

One of our favorite tools is Joby’s Gorillapod. With its bendable legs, you can literally stick this thing anywhere–even strapping around a tree branch (if you’re into that kind of thing). Or, by closing the legs together, you can hold it with one hand and move around if you need to. 

Either way, it’s small enough to stick in a backpack, making it easy to transport. Check out Joby’s website for different sizing options of the classic Gorillapod.

Small but rugged

Another option that’s smaller (and cheaper), is Benro’s MK10 tripod. Unlike the Gorillapod, it needs to be set on a stable surface, but the legs can collapse and act as a monopod. It comes with a BlueTooth remote that lets you roll a camera on your phone remotely, and the top even extends to transform into a selfie stick. 

It’s small enough to fit in any size bag and definitely won’t break the bank. This may be a better option if you just need some form of stabilization, but don’t necessarily need the flexibility of a Gorillapod.

If going over $100 works with your budget, and you need something fancier than a simple tripod, consider investing in a gimbal. Gimbals are handheld motorized tools that automatically balance your camera to create ultra-smooth, cinematic-looking footage.

 It might sound complex and intimidating, but most smartphone gimbals are easy to set up and start shooting with (don’t worry, a physics degree is not necessary).

With a little investment, you can start upgrading the quality of your smartphone videos and get rid of that shaky footage.

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