Can you really use your smartphone to create compelling business videos? Don’t you need a giant, expensive camera to do that?

I recently got the chance to chat with Nina Froriep about this. With her 20 years of experience in both video marketing and operating her small business, Clock Wise Productions, she’s perfectly positioned for the current digital video boom. So, she’s decided to use her superpowers for the greater good and has committed herself to making high-quality video marketing accessible to small business owners. 

We talked about some other good stuff, including:

  • Why a marketer or video producer should consider shooting with a smartphone as opposed to a traditional camera.
  • How the professional perception of the smartphone as a camera is changing.
  • Some types of videos that you can go out and create right now with just a smartphone.
  • Must-have gear for shooting video with a smartphone.
  • Camera apps Nina recommends.
  • Nina’s tips and tricks on smartphone videography.
  • And more!

“The possibilities with an iPhone are pretty much endless.” – Nina Froriep

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