This year, we got you–our clients–a very nice Christmas gift…

….a dog dressed up like Santa that we trained to bark Jingle Bells!

That was one of of the, um, “crazy” ideas we came up with for a Christmas gift. We spent some time trying to get our best ideas on paper.

Perhaps one of these gift ideas we came up with would interest you?

  • YLS-branded snowmobiles–to brave the winter!
  • A skydiving trip–jump out of a helicopter, land in the North Pole (you know you want to)
  • Tasty Christmas cookies–in the shape of our faces

We realized after the fact that these ideas were awful, impossible, and well…not safe.

So instead, we decided to stick to what we do best–video.

Merry Christmas, from the team at Your Local Studio. May you have a most blessed holiday with family and friends, and a prosperous new year! Maybe next year we’ll get you that dog…

Here are a few more outtakes of “other” ideas we had: