How do you create videos for social media? Which platforms should you share on, and what best practices are out there for creating social video content?

I recently got the chance to chat with Sarah Jo Crawford about this. Sarah Jo is the founder of Sparkworth, where she works on websites, designs, and a whole lot of writing for public speakers and authors.

We talked about some other good stuff, including:

  • The role of videos on social media.
  • Should you get video content on every platform or focus on specific ones?
  • All about stories.
  • Creating social media-friendly versions of previous videos.
  • Why video producers should consider selling social media videos as a service to clients.
  • Where Sarah Jo sees the future of video content on social media.
  • And more!

“Video in social media is as important as your audience wants it to be“ – Sarah Jo Crawford

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Special thanks to our co-host Kevin Kolbe with Kevin Kolbe Media! Kevin is a digital media specialist, producer, storyteller, and creative dude. He’s been in the media and marketing world for over 30+ years, working for radio and TV stations affiliated with FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, and The CW. 

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