You asked – and EpicRealm responded!

This is for the DIYers – a webisode Alex created on how to convert your video using free software.

Watch the video – Alex explains the process very well!

Here are the details in a (general) point form :

  • When using a PC – Use software for the PC – “any video converter” – it’s free
  • find it on – it’s a good website because any files you download are pre-screened (no spyware)
  • Download the software.
  • Add your video –top left button
  • Select video
  • Open the video
  • It will show stats about the video
  • To remove beginning and end of the video –
  • On right  ‘cut’ –  use the Scissors – press at the beginning and end point.  Remember – you’re not editing!  You’re just cutting off the front and back ends so the video looks more professional.
  • Press Apply  – this saves the video.
  • Look at top right – select format –  Mpeg 4 – customized
  • Mpeg 4 is good for the web – it well optimized  (internet & mpeg 4 are happy together)
  • Screen on right – look at the options
  • 2 main things directly affect the size for the web (small files are important)
  • Resolution –   1920×1080 or 1280×720
  • Always convert using HD – but use the lower resolution – it still looks great ( 1280×720)
  • Bit rate – affects the quality of video
  • the highest bit rate you want to use for the web will be 3000 kbs
  • Lowest bit rate to use is 1000 –  at 1000 you’ll see little dots and it won’t be really clear
  • This video edited above is saved at 2000 kbs
  • Don’t worry about the other settings (if you have questions, just call me/email)
  • Last step – press the convert button
  • The longer the video -(the larger the file size) – the longer it’ll take to convert.


Go ahead and post a link to your videos in the comments!