Alex and Nate are busy reaching out to meet people in many different ways:

  • networking
  • one-on-one meetings
  • social media – twitter, facebook, etc.
  • emails
  • and of course – Video!

Watch as they talk about communicating & connecting:

    In the book – Everyone Communicates, Few Connect – John Maxwell talks about what the most effective people do differently.  Most of us are bombarded with 35 thousand messages every day…  someone is always trying to get our attention.  There’s a difference, though, between getting someone’s attention (communicating) and connecting.  He says that people who connect will display:  extra effort, openness, appreciation, positive energy, etc.  Connecting  increases influence. 

    Video bridges the gap between communicating & connecting!

    Alex & Nate feel that adding videos to a series of emails will bridge the gap between just communicating with someone, and making a connection – especially when following up after an initial meeting.

    If you’re interested in how an automated video email series might work, sign up for Nate’s series here:

    So – how are YOU connecting with your clients?

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