Who wants to make boring videos on YouTube? Nobody. So today we want to talk about 4 ideas that will definitely remove the boredom factor from your YouTube videos. Even while it can be challenging, especially for a brand or company, we have four tactics to boost the interest in your videos.

In the last “Video Marketing Tips” we shared ideas on how to monetize your YouTube videos and we hope you could start applying them! Today we hope you’ll consider these strategies to create interest in people (and YouTube, of course!). Watch the video below for more data:

Here are 4 ideas on how NOT to make boring videos for your company or business on YouTube:

  • The Beginning: Put something interesting right at the beginning of your video: make sure you catch your audience starting from the very first second. Look for a hook or a story that’s related to the main content. If you grab people’s attention, it’s more likely that they’ll keep watching. And that’s really good for you! Put your best in the first 3-5 seconds so people will stay. Make sure not to put any marketing or sales, just go to the point where you know you will grab their attention.
  • Keep intros short: what’s the ideal length? Not more than 5 seconds. Yes, it’s very hard to do it, but try to put something that’s dynamic and short. People want to get to the content, to see if you actually have what they’re looking for. So just use a few seconds as the intro and then move forward to the content.
  • Adapt for the latest YouTube style: nowadays YouTube style is very fast paced with hard cuts. So your YouTube videos should have that. Yes, probably the style will change but right now, we see that viewers like and watch this style. So if you want to avoid boring your audience, use what’s working. Actually, it’s better if when you’re editing, you can cut the silences, the “umms” and spaces in between scenes to keep the rhythm tight and fast.
  • Mind the time: Do you want to know how YouTube measures a successful video? According to the popular YouTuber, Sean Connell on his interview with Social Examiner, video contents such as education and entertaining long videos (7-15 minutes) are performing better. This means that the audience is highly interested in valued content.

On the other hand, we know YouTube really cares for viewer sessions, how much people do actually watch your YouTube video. In the second place, are the number of views and in third place, subscribers. So make sure you have this in mind the next time you create a video for YouTube.

And those were some thoughts on how to improve your engagement, to make people watch your videos without being bored and finally, to make them stay watching your videos.

Do you have some other tip to share on NOT making brand videos boring? We’d love to hear them – so please go ahead and write them down in our comments.

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