January is pretty much finished?

How did that happen? The KEY5 Speakers Conference started us off running at Your Local Studio in Raleigh and since then we’ve been editing, working with clients, and planning for a Webinar in February 2017!

When you’re busy doing what you love—time flies!

Oh yes. We’ve been busy doing what we love to do: making it quick, simple and affordable for delightful people to connect with others using the power of online video.

KEY5 – What a blast!

Jeanne Allen at #KEY5conf – great turnout!

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20 professional speakers gathered, along with intrepid attendees, and our stellar crew to pull off a Conference despite the ice and snow! #theshowmustgoon


Since then, it’s been all about the editing…


There’s an #EditingParty going on at the Cary study right now. Kicking out some great #key5conf videos!

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Of course, we’re also in the Studio working with clients as they create their videos for 2017! 

  • We’ve added some more delightful people to the YLS Team to keep up the quick pace (we’ll introduce you to those people soon)
  • and we’ve added some cool technology to make your videos better,
  • along with opening up Studio B! (more about that to come also!)

Yup. It’s been a busy, but fun January here at Your Local Studio in Raleigh!

Stay tuned for February!

As the speakers finalize their video edits, we’ll invite you to see the fun and hard work that went on at the 2017 KEY5 Speakers Conference!


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We’re working toward a webinar on February 29th – we’ll be hitting all the points we can think of about the pre-production that goes into making a video, including (but not limited to)

  • how to develop a creative brief and why you need one
  • how to develop a script – with one person, or more
  • what’s an AV script and why do you need one
  • when do you need a storyboard?
  • how do you choose talent?
  • doing a table read
  • how to choose a video team
  • what kind of equipment do you need
  • the ins-and-outs to choose a location 

This video webinar will be hosted by the Team at Your Local Studio, with pre-recorded snippets of interviews with experts in each area.

If you have anything you’d like us to cover in the Pre-Production of a Marketing Video Webinar… please reach out with a quick email to Team@YourLocalStudio.com – or connect with us on Twitter or Instagram!

More information to come – and how to sign up to be a part of this in-depth, really cool (and humorous in a YLS Team kinda way) Webinar! 

No doubt about it… January and February at Your Local Studio is hoppin’!