On our last “Video Marketing Tips” we shared important points to keep in mind when you’re actually recording your Facebook marketing video. Watch the video below and continue learning about the video process by understanding 3 great ideas on the post-production phase (the editing magic!).

At Your Local Studio, we know videos on Facebook work so crazy good (like, basically if you aren’t doing videos on Facebook – why not?!) and we’re constantly trying to understand how we can make even better videos. Watch the video above for all the details for good editing tips for Facebook, but here is a brief recap:

  1. Use closed captioning: most people don’t actually listen or have sounds turned on, maybe they are at work or public transportation, and of course, they love checking their social media accounts but can’t use sound. Closed captioning is the solution for this, whether is embedding it or creating an SRT file – something that only can be made on Facebook Company/Brand Pages (sadly not personal pages). Adding this element will help you engage with your audience, even though it’s a silent video. Because people will actually know what you’re saying, wherever they are! Even if you have a video ad (or boosted) post, Facebook itself will recommend and offer to do your closed captioning, as they know it works! As an addition to this, having also a visual element that says “Turn Sound On”, something that would suggest users tap for sound will be very helpful if you need your audience to turn on volume for some reason.
  2. Use visual elements: having elements on your video will highlight all the main points in a very catchy and visual way. These elements, like graphics/text/images/emojis/logos, will reinforce your message (helping tell your story), encourage people to take action on your message, or even make them think about that content.
  3. Make your video square or vertical: even though as video creators we love big screens, research shows that square and vertical videos have better engagement rate than the other formats. One of the studies shows that more than 56.3% of the top 25K most engaged Facebook videos were 1:1 or vertical. And in the top 1K most engaged, was more than 70%! It seems people feel this size works better for mobile devices. Think of this: the more you fill the screen, the more successful your video will be.

But what happens when you only have that video for Facebook on a widescreen format, like the one we use for YouTube? You can create a new version and put bars below and above the widescreen video or zoom in. It works perfectly! Another tip: check Crop.video website to crop your video easily, without using any other app or program and having your video ready for Facebook.

So, there they are 3 smart strategies to keep in mind when you’re editing your video for Facebook. Have you ever use another one that works? We would be very happy to hear about it! Please leave it in our comments below.

And always remember to check out Your Local Studio on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook for more great tips on video!