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Let’s get educated folks!

Educational videos can be a viable and practical form of video marketing, providing your audience with information and handy “how-to” guides. You can provide value to them by regularly giving them information they’re looking for, like how to change your oil, how to paint, or how to choose the right kind of furniture for your living room.

But are these kinds of videos successful?

Is it possible that in the presentation of pure information, things can get a little…well, boring?

In our 3rd and final installment of our 3-part Marketing Mashup series on content marketing videos, we’ll seek to answer questions like those as we explore educational videos and their uses.

Why do these videos work?

Educational videos get right down to the nitty-gritty. They exist to make a product or service relevant, so they lack the fluff that other videos may have.

Take a look at video below from Performance Bike. You’ll notice it’s pretty basic and a little stripped-down, but it works for the video, since its main goal is to deliver information to bike enthusiasts.

It also helps if they’re bite-sized. Shorter educational videos are more likely to attract and retain viewers, especially if the video description is clear.

The video below is a short and simple demonstration on how to change your car’s wiper blade. It’s quick and to the point. Literally, it’s just a guy giving a quick demo–that’s it. But it’s perfect for someone cruising around on YouTube, trying to find a quick explanation on the subject so they can do it for themselves.


Videos like these help viewers feel competent by teaching a new skill that they can immediately implement after watching the video.

How do these kinds of videos help the business?

Similar to edutainment videos, educational videos present businesses as experts in their field. While these videos lack entertainment value, their delivery of basic yet needed information elevates the business above its competitors in the minds of viewers.

The main reason these videos work is because customers love them. With these videos, companies don’t wash their hands and leave, they come alongside the customer and act as an on-call resource whenever the customer needs it.

Potential issues with this type of video?

Educational videos can be a great resource, but let’s be honest…they can also be incredibly boring.

Since the company is seeking to provide enough quality information to viewers, these videos can end up being too long and too complicated, rather than succinct.

There is the risk of viewers getting confused, if the video isn’t done properly. Issues such as a lack of detail and specificity, and the script not being in line with what’s actually being recorded can all contribute to confusion–and potentially the viewer looking elsewhere for information.


Educational videos can be the best friend of a customer, but only if they’re executed well. The key is to be specific, clear, and concise. Nail those things, and you’ll have a captive audience seeking out the information you provide.

And this concludes our 3-part Marketing Mashup series of content marketing videos.Got any points you’d like to make about educational videos? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts–we’d love to hear from you!