Just before Christmas, Alex met Dave Ramsey at a book signing of his newest book – EntreLeadership.

Alex believes this is a great book for business people – it covers practical business wisdom for entrepreneurs.

So far he’s learned 3 things:

Multiple Hat Rule: Dave says that in a small business you don’t want people on your team who will say “that’s not my job.”  You want everyone to wear multiple hats and be ready to handle what needs to be done.

Quadrant Rule: It was Steven Covey who first referenced the idea of 4 quadrants – a combination of what’s important versus not important against what’s urgent vs. not urgent. Dave says that entrepreneurs should spend most of their time in the Important but not Urgent Quadrant.  This is where you make the most impact.

The Monkey Rule: Work with people who can make decisions.  Think about problems as monkeys – you don’t want your people coming into your office and dropping off their monkeys – It’ll soon become a zoo!  So hire and train people who make decisions and keep the monkeys off your back!

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