Video can help companies consistently create new leads. In this episode, we explore Evergreen video, and three companies using it well.

3 Companies who use Evergreen Videos to Generate Leads

Though there are many companies using evergreen videos to generate new leads, HubSpot, John Deere, and 23andMe are three specific companies I found who are also creating three of the same types of videos in this desire for lead generation video content.

What is Evergreen Video?

The Evergreen video is a content that is applicable and useful for a long period of time. You’re not creating a video that will be out of date quickly, rather, it will be relevant for at least a year or several years and will continue to help potential clients choose your company and products without appearing dated.

By using Evergreen video to begin the self-selection, it means that your sales team talks to more qualified clients which saves time and everyone works smarter not harder.

3 Types of Evergreen Video

Though there are many types of Evergreen video, the companies mentioned, HubSpot, John Deere and 23andMe, create the same three same types of Evergreen videos.

  • FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) or SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions).
  • Product Videos or Service Video which breakdown understanding how the product or service works so if someone wants to buy, they understand what the service does, and what the product looks like.
  • Customer Testimonial. They can also be called a Case Study or Success Story, depending on what fits best with your company or product.

COMPANY #1- HubSpot

HubSpot’s first video is “How and Why to Build a Brand. It’s not just a Logo.” This is a 2 +  minute animated FAQ video with over 7000 views. HubSpot uses this video as a resource for people who are searching for information as they’re just starting their company or looking to change their branding/look. This video shows up in the search results and engages them.

The second video is “Introducing HubSpot Conversions.” It’s a product video created to showcase a new product and service they added to their platform. There is a lot of production time and value in this short piece.

The third Evergreen video from HubSpot is a customer success story about Stories are powerful and help to build a trust connection because now that a client knows you and likes you, and you’ve provided them some value, these videos show what will happen if they trust you. The video is just under two minutes and only has about 600 views, but it doesn’t need a lot of views as it’s closer to the end of the sales funnel.

COMPANY #2 – John Deere

John Deere’s Evergreen FAQ video is “Why batteries fail.” Although it wasn’t a huge production value, it was straightforward. They probably pulled a lot of footage they already had from other videos, which is a great tactic to save money. The real power of creating video as a lead generation tool is to have many of these FAQ videos, while carefully considering where each fits in the sales process.

Product video “John Deere’s New 2680 H High Performance Disc.”  This video has 44,000 views. A lot of their product videos have the most amount of views. 10 years ago I might not have suggested video for every business area. However, today it doesn’t matter the field you’re in (pun intended), video is ubiquitous; it’s everywhere! Even those in the agricultural field or farmers out in their fields are on their smartphone and can pull up YouTube and watch a video.

The third video is a customer case study “Hammond Excavation Grade Smarter with John Deere”. Again, this type of Evergreen video builds trust.

COMPANY #3 – 23andMe

FAQ Evergreen video “Nature Versus Nurture.” This video has 286,000 views as an evergreen top-of-the-funnel video answering questions. Their talk-show style of videos brings experts who cover different topics.

Concerning a Call to Action in FAQ videos: Video is a great way to scale your sales process if a video is connected to another video so that by the time a viewer calls your sales team, they’ve already watched several videos and the last video leads them to call your sales team and say “Yes! I’m ready to buy!

Product video “How to Join the 23andMe Genetics Club” This video is embedded on their website as another conversion tool because they wanted to launch this new option for students to create a club in their school. It’s a great way to avoid the time and energy needed for one-on-one conversations, yet still, convert those who are interested.  


Customer success story “Exploring Her Approach to Health: Jill’s 23andMe Story” This last 23andMe video we’re highlighting has the most amount of views with 1.5 million views, and I believe they actually promoted this on YouTube and put money behind it to get that many views. Story around other people is the most powerful sales tool and helps with that lead generation effort because people will want to imagine to themselves “If I do/have this, what would happen to me?

Evergreen video – ongoing lead generation success.

There are three types of videos, with examples from three different companies. It’s Evergreen video – useful for a long time to come. Your company should be creating these types of videos.

3 types of Evergreen video one more time:

  1.    FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)
  2.    Product or Service Videos
  3.    Customer Testimonial (or Case Story or Success Story)


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