Fall is here–and we’re feeling the change!

We have some exciting news and updates to share with you. From testing new video technology, to releasing a brand new book–we’ve been busy here at the studio!


You may have seen 360 video  on Facebook or YouTube. It’s a really cool way to watch video, where you feel like you’re right there in the action! With the growing support and integration of major apps, social media and internet browsers, it’s becoming more and more commonplace to see and engage with 360 video (though there are some bumps to overcome for total native support across all devices).

360 video potential uses run across the board: from Real Estate, to Music, Film, and even Space. The power is in sharing an authentic experience, like “behind the scenes” to give viewers access beyond what can normally be seen on camera.

We’ve been testing 360 video capabilities with a Samsung Gear 360, and we’ve been impressed with the results. In fact, we used it to film ourselves writing, producing, and editing our studio update video!

Watch the 360 “behind the scenes” experience of making our vLetter below

(NOTE: plays on Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, as most mobile and other browsers can’t show the full 360 experience)


Our book “The Marketer’s Guide to Video” is publishing this month!

book on counter
That’s right, folks. We’ve been hard at work compiling truckloads of content from our monthly webcast on making a marketing video–including great insights from the experts! It’s now all packed into one handy-dandy guidebook–releasing this month!

It’s over 65,000 words and 300 pages full of detailed instruction on making marketing videos.  Everything from video strategy through pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution is in there. You’ll find it on Amazon as an e-book and a “book book” … you know, the hard copy, physical-paged, analog version, soon!

Enter to win our T-Shirt design contest

Lastly, we’re holding a t-shirt design contest, where you can enter to win by picking your favorite design, or even suggesting your own. Fill out the quick survey below to enter. We’re excited to see which one wins!

Tshirt Design 3  Tshirt Design 1-01tshirt design 2-01

We’re excited about all the new things happening here at the studio.

Check back on our blog, as we’ll be releasing more updates in the coming months.

Now go outside and grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte!