Do you have sales issues going on in your speaking business?

There’s 1 trick that can fix those problems (and start making you more money) right now.

Narrow it down

In previous videos, we talked about awareness (people learning that actually exist), and the beginnings of consideration (people thinking of choosing you over the other speaker). 

But how can you really make sure that they actually choose you over that other speaker?

There’s one trick that can help with this action:

Get a niche in your speaking business. Focus on one industry or topic.

Most people assume that helping everyone with their business is the best place to be.

The reality is, if you’re trying to reach everybody, you’re actually reaching nobody. No one feels like you’re “for them”. You don’t stand out in the speaker crowd.

But the more focused you can be, the more results you’ll actually see (yes that rhymes, and no that was not intentional).

Be for them

When you focus on one audience, that audience feels like you’re for them when they visit your website or watch your speaking videos. 

They get me, they understand me.

This is the kind of connection you want to build in those who may want to hire you for a speaking gig. 

But you can’t create that connection if you’re trying to reach everybody.

One way to help with this is to create separate landing pages for your different audiences you speak to or topics you speak on.

You can even separate clips from your speaking footage that would be relevant to respective audiences and embed them on each landing page.

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