Most advice you hear out there about video marketing would tell you to stay away from low-budget production quality for your promo video. It can come across as too cheesy, unprofessional, or lame.

But Atlanta-based animal shelter Furkids decided to embrace extremely low production quality, and released their promo video December 2016 that took the internet by storm.

What makes this video successful (or not)? Jason Urgo with Social Blade, Alex (myself!) with Your Local Studio and video producer-extraordinaire Joe Daly got together to figure out the answer to that question.

Haven’t seen the video yet? Watch it below!

Watch our full video breakdown above to get all the details – or read on for the recap!

Break it Down:

  1. Production Style: Definitely has a “home video”, cheap camcorder feel. That would typically hurt an organization or just make them blend in with every other organization out there, but Furkids proves that with video it’s ultimately about the actual content. Their choice of talent also makes up for the low quality. The guy is hilarious and makes the video work (turns out he’s related to one of the volunteers who works there!). We still can’t figure out if he’s ad-libbing or going off of a script.
  2. Purpose and Goal of the Video: It certainly promotes animal shelters in general by going with a topic that resonates with everybody, but it’s hard to say if Furkids specifically benefited from this video. If their goal was primarily views and general awareness, they succeeded in that regard. When it was first launched online, its popularity skyrocketed.
  3. Distribution Plan: Engagement on this video is impressive. Due to its high entertainment value and nonprofit focus, it easily circulated all around various social media platforms (with the first initial boost coming from Reddit), and it’s been getting plenty of likes and comments all across those platforms. And even though it was released 2 years ago, people are still commenting on the video!
  4. Insights a Business Owner Can Gain: Don’t expect a viral video – Furkids didn’t expect this, rather they were pleasantly surprised. When looking for talent for your next video, sometimes you don’t need to look too far for it. You can recruit your funny co-worker, friend, or neighbor and capture that “authentic” feel. Furkids’ video works so well because first, it’s a nonprofit and everybody loves sharing/helping a not for profit. Second, it had cute animals. And third, it’s so funny, so don’t be afraid to intentionally tickle viewers’ funny bones with your video content.

What are your thoughts on the video? From a marketing perspective, do you think Furkids nailed it, or should they have gone back to the drawing board? Feel free to share your thoughts with us. Follow us on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook for more on making better business videos.