There’s 1 one thing you can do that will help you get more speaking gigs, and make more money.

And it’s probably not what you think it is.

Beyond awareness

In our previous video, we talked about the importance of awareness, of letting your audience know that you even exist.

But after they’re aware of you, and like you, they’ll eventually want to know if they should even book you to speak at their event. They’ll need to make a decision between you, and that other speaker.

How can you position yourself as a better choice, so you can get more speaking gigs, and make more money?

Get a speaker demo video and put it on your website.

You can tell people all day long that you’re a good speaker, but you need to have evidence that you actually are. This is where a good speaker demo reel comes into play.

Demo yourself

A speaker demo reel shows the world that you’ve spoken before and that you’re good. It’s what meeting planners are really looking for.

A good demo reel should include clips from previous speaking engagements, testimonials from attendees at your talks, and other relevant items. Even written testimonials will work wonders.

If you want to take a step up, you can record footage of yourself talking directly to your audience. This can make your video more targeted to a specific audience (which can lend itself well if you have separate landing pages for each audience you want to speak to).

For your demo video, you want to show your best stuff. This video will help meeting planners choose you over that other speaker. 

If quality, professional speaking footage, testimonials, and other footage is something you need, we created a conference speakers just like you. Check out to learn more.