Do you really dislike the idea of making videos for your business? You know you really should be making them but you just keep finding more and more reasons why not to?

In this video, I’m going to answer and solve the 3 most common complaints about not making business videos. Let’s dig into it that right now!

There are a lot of variations of complaints for not making a video but I find you can put them into 3 main buckets: product (content of the video) process (how you create it) and people (who’s in the video).

Product: I don’t know what to make!

What I mean by “product” is the content of a video. Most likely this comes up as “I don’t know what to make”, or “I don’t know what kind of videos I should be creating” or “There are already so many videos out there that are being created and made by other people in the industry, why would I even bother?”

Let’s take the first one: “I don’t know what kind of video to make”. If you think about your company’s product or service and review all the questions your clients keep asking you about it… right there is a video! Or a whole bunch of videos.

Look out in your industry. Do a little bit of research: Google search, look on Quora, find those questions people are asking and there, you’ve found another topic for video(s).

How did your business start? There’s another video! The possibilities of content is endless. You just need to look around.

Now the second part of “there’s already a lot of videos online”, “people already created videos on my topic. Why would I bother?” I can understand and I can appreciate that. There are probably already tons of videos on this very topic of why you should be making videos but none of them have me answering that question. Same for you – any videos from others on your topic already online don’t have your voice, your company’s values, have your company’s perspective!

You have a unique and an individual energy that no one else has that you can share. Even if other people are creating videos, that’s okay: there is a customer, a client out there that needs to hear from you and will appreciate your character, will appreciate the way you deliver, the way you approach a certain problem or question and they’ll connect with you and not someone else.

So there you go: the whole product or content issue, SOLVED! So start making videos right there, if that’s your main complaint.

Process: It costs too much!

The second most common complaint is about the process. Some of these could come out as “it cost too much”, “It takes too much time to make a video” or “I’m overwhelmed with how to do it, just seems too complex”.

10, 15 years ago… absolutely! All these complaints were very valid. Yet today, “It costs too much?” Do you have a cell phone? Great! You can start making videos. Don’t let the concept of equipment or a big production stop you from making videos.

Video is the way we communicate today because of technology, the barrier of creating it has come down so much. Don’t let the “how” stop you! That’s just laziness right there.

Let’s take the second part: “It takes too much time” and the third one: “It’s just too overwhelming”. This one comes from not understanding how you can break the process down.

It is overwhelming if you set aside 30 minutes to figure out what you’re going to say, where to shoot it, actually record it, edit the video, then post it online. You are putting way too much on yourself! Break it down, understand the parts, the process of creating a video, so you’re not doing it all at the same time or all by yourself.

First, take a couple hours on a certain day where you’re energized and do a little research, find out what your content should be and and write it down. Let that sit. Another day, you can record it, when you’ve had some coffee and you can be energized on camera. And then, another day, you can edit it.

If the video isn’t your main job (which it probably isn’t), don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to get all the latest and greatest equipment or camera gear. As a video professional I can say, cool gear is pretty sweet, but awesome content and killer distribution beats it every time.

If you have the budget and so cost isn’t an issue, then hire a professional and they can make the production process streamlined. If you don’t have the budget, then just simplify your “production” to using your phone, edit it on your phone, just trim it up the beginning and end. Don’t try to add a bunch of graphics and text, simplify it to where it makes it easy for yourself. Don’t overcomplicate it, it can be simple. There you go – “process” complaint and problem SOLVED.

People: I don’t like how I look on camera!

People. This one will probably be a common complaint until…. well, probably forever. This usually comes out as “I don’t like how I look on camera”. Can you relate with this? Can you understand this? I can: I create videos all the time and I still can’t stand looking at myself on a video.

This won’t ever really go away.

There’s a couple ways you can approach it though: one is maybe you have a team and you can find someone on your team who is very confident, energetic, and is less concerned about that.

Another way is maybe to partner with another business or YouTuber influencer, that they can be on your videos and take more of the spotlight. You could also create videos that don’t have your face on it – though I still am a fan of that human connection (seeing another human face). You could also sponsor or pay an influencer to still have your brand connected to it. So you’re creating videos, just doesn’t have to have your face.

But let’s say you don’t have the budget for paying an influencer or actor or it just doesn’t make sense and you simply need to be on the video….

You are wonderful, unique, one-of-a-kind human! No matter how you look or sound just accept that you can be on video and that the majority of people will appreciate you for who you are.

We’re in an age of transparency, where people appreciate being able to connect on a human level.

You don’t have to be perfect, don’t have to be fabulous and without flaws, that actually detracts from the quality and end potential of what your video could be.

There’s a message in you, a voice that needs to be heard. Don’t let that be silenced by the thought that you’re not good enough, that you are not ready or look great on camera. Forget that thought: get on camera, start making videos. Yes, problem SOLVED!

This was a little bit more of a kick-in-the-butt article then our usual topics… I hope this helps you to overcome the 3 most common complaints so you can start making videos today.  Please subscribe on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook  for more great tips and information on making better business videos.