Video Storytelling

[a Customer Success Story]

A Vital Opportunity

“Parade of Homes is an annual event put on by the Home Builders Association, and it means a lot to Homes by Dickerson. I think we received our first award in 1975, and we’ve been a part of the Parade of Homes ever since.”

“It’s important for a couple of reasons. It’s the largest marketing event of the year. The public is able to see what you can do as a builder. And it’s great for our company as what can we do, it challenges us, pushes us. We create new floor plans a lot of times because of it, we stretch ourselves. Every home has a story, and we want to be able to share that with the public. Because of our partnership with Your Local Studio, this year we knocked it out of the park.”

It’s easy to walk through a finished home and say, “Oh, that’s nice,” but you didn’t really see the thought, detail, and how much agony went into thinking about the long-term functionality. 

“Your Local Studio really helped us show how the homes will feel when you live in them.”

A Partnership that Matters

“When we’re looking to showcase how we build a home, every custom aspect, it’s difficult for people to visualize in a 2D or even a 3D perspective. But video is able to tell a story. When we’re trying to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and how we’re different from the competition, we’re able to really explain that story with the help of Your Local Studio. They help us express the passion behind what we do, show all the intricate details and thoughts behind every piece, and we’re able to document the process of building a home.


It’s so important to connect with people in that manner. And in this COVID-19 environment, that type of environment video has been more important than ever to help people understand what they’re purchasing. We’re able to showcase our homes and create those long videos where people have time to absorb all the details. It’s been tremendous for us to have Your Local Studio help us produce that video content. I don’t see this need going away anytime soon. We’ll continue to partner with Your Local Studio to help us showcase our homes so the public can shop any time it’s convenient for them.”

An Emotional Appeal

“Often the challenge we face as home builders is that people buy with their emotions. The COVID-19 pandemic only increases this challenge—people aren’t coming out, so how do you overcome that obstacle of helping them feel connected to the purchase?”

“Video has been instrumental in being able to showcase the process. With Your Local Studio, we’ve produced some videos, not only for showcasing our inventory, but also demonstrating what it’s like to purchase a custom home because that can be overwhelming.

With Your Local Studio, we’ve been able to tell the story and offer instruction on the steps. We show our customers how we’re going to be there with them along the way. Our customers really appreciate how we’re able to explain the process through video. Maybe you can’t go out and look at 14 different plans in person, but you want to get a sense of the design and elements you want.

Customers are able to look at videos of our homes or other clients’ homes and generate some ideas. We’ve had more people than ever buying sight unseen from different states. I can’t imagine doing that without video from Your Local Studio.”

If you believe video storytelling is the solution to your marketing problem, give us a call. We’d be delighted to partner with you to make a meaningful difference!