How do you keep a group of people excited and informed – motivated to participate and validated for their contributions?

Imagine hundreds of people who belong to an association, and the leadership of the association knows that adding value to their members is their mission.  Yes, there’s a great website.  Yes, there are social media tools.  But how can an association go that extra mile for their members?  

With a regular video blog!

Text alone can’t create the excitement and buzz that a video will – text can’t be shared in the same way that a video can…  Video creates connection.

Video puts a human ‘face’ to a group organization.  Video creates a common experience that can be referenced when meeting a new member from the association.  Video can encourage new members to join the association because it provides a view into what’s happening with the group and the strength of the leadership team.

Here’s how one association uses video:

RWHRMA uses a monthly video blog to:

  • Celebrate wins.
  • Answer questions.
  • Announce new initiatives.
  • Promote their monthly speakers.
  • Create buzz for the next meeting.
  • Reporting on conferences attended.
  • and more…  Whatever is needed to add value!

Take a look at one of their video blogs: