It’s always fun to film Trey Baker.

Everyone ends up smiling after being with Trey.  His good humor, positive outlook and targeted insight is a joy to be around.   A while ago, Trey was in the studio and did a testimonial for EpicRealm – he used 5 letters (FOCUS) to explain what he values about EpicRealm:



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Trey says when developing a product, FOCUS is important!

Trey Baker is a focused individual – he’s able to juggle many clients’ needs and still give everyone his best.  That’s why his testimonial has a special place in Alex’s heart.

The Mustard Seed Company is Trey’s focus.

It exists as three opportunities for clients:  HisBiz, Talks to Grow, and 17-Twenty Creating a Buzz.

HisBiz is a Christian Business group that meets monthly in Raleigh, NC.

Talks to Grow is a Software as a Service designed to help you create meaningful conversations between supervisors and employees.

17-Twenty is the social media channel for The Mustard Seed Company.

Check out the links – see how The Mustard Seed Company can bring a smile to your face!

Take a look at Trey’s Talks to Grow!

and the promo for HisBiz: