Did you know that you can increase your influence as a speaker with 1 simple trick?

It’s not hard either. In fact, it’s so easy you could start doing it today.

Above all, provide this

You’re probably well aware that we’re all drowning in a sea of content online. With such a crowded space, how can you possibly get noticed by your audience?

There’s 1 secret to standing out and building your influence…

….provide value.

“What?! That’s it?”

Yes. Because when you create content that actually provides value, people notice. 

And they want more.

There’s some successful folks in the business world already doing this–just think about Gary Vaynerchuk. Even famous actors like Will Smith understand the power of valuable content.

Think of your audience–meeting planners, the industry you really want to speak to the most. How can you deliver value to them through your content?

For free? Really?

Of course, if you’re creating valuable content and sharing it online, you’re essentially giving it away for free.

And that’s inevitably going to rub some people the wrong way. After all, this is their expertise, their experience. If it’s valuable, why should you give it away for free?

Sounds counterintuitive right? 

But think of it like this: brand awareness leads to brand loyalty.

All content you create and share will let your target audience and industry know that you even exist (awareness). But once they start getting to know you through your content, there will be some who want to go deeper with you. 

Some will like your content so much that they’ll become your biggest fans, watching every video, reading every article.

These are the people you really want to book you. They’ll keep coming back to you when they need to hire a speaker.

But it all starts with free, valuable content.

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