Internal Communications Videos Engage and Energize

Internal communications – how do you communicate with those inside your company?

Meetings, emails, reports… Oh, yes – those yawn-inducing meetings to plan future meetings. Mass e-mails sent to all employees to plod through new policies. And pedantic reports detailing all sorts of highly abstract minutia.

When we think of internal communication, these might be some of the things which come to mind. And the adjectives we’d attach to the communications might include inefficient, annoying, time-wasting, etc. In short, internal communication within companies generally gets a pretty bad rap.

The solution can’t be to stop communicating.

Communication is vital to a company’s growth.

You could argue for company-wide sign language… but that still counts as communication!

Important information needs to be passed around internally, but what’s the best way to do it without putting people to sleep or automatically clicking “delete” as soon as they see the e-mail?

The solution might be something you already use – just not in your work environment —it’s video!

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Internal videos are gaining popularity.

Think about it.  What’s the main way people consume information these days?

Video!  So what if you used the medium of web video to communicate information internally?

Replace a 2-hour meeting with a video and employees have the freedom to watch it at the best time in their schedules!

Internal video as a main form of communication is actually on the rise. Last year, Ragan Communications released a survey on this very topic. What did they find?

71% of communicators are currently using video as their main form of communication internally, and 72% plan to increase their use of internal video.

Why are companies becoming more interested in internal video?

Video is engaging.

It can motivate, or inspire in a way that an e-mail or memo can’t.

Video delivers information (if done correctly) in such a way that employees will actually want to watch and listen. Check out Your Local Studio Training & Education option.

We haven’t met anyone who enjoys a long company meeting..  But we do know plenty of people who like to cruise through YouTube to find something to make them laugh.

Ways to use internal video:

Let’s imagine you’re considering using video to communicate internally… In what specific ways should you use video within your company?

According to Ragan Communications’ survey, last year 74% of video was used for employee engagement, and 63% were used for learning and development. These are the 2 main areas where internal video could make the most impact.

Some companies have started doing internal video series, like communications company Nextiva. They produce a weekly internal series they call NexTV, which functions like a news show, with a little humor thrown in. In each episode they feature important things to know within the company, shout-outs to new hires, and entertaining “just-for-fun” segments–sometimes involving employees.

For Nextiva, these styles of ongoing internal videos works. It gives their employees content that both informs, and entertains. Plus, it gives them something to look forward to each week.

While your internal videos certainly don’t have to match that exactly, a regular internal video series can engage employees while still giving the same information you would present in a meeting. ( Here’s Your Local Studio’s option to create an Edu-tainment video series – you might have seen one of our Edu-tainment videos we call Marketing Mashup…)

Fun Internal Videos!

Or, you can create videos strictly just for fun, like the one below from Phillips International. If nothing else, it brings employees and departments together to create something fun and memorable for the whole company.

Video can be the medium you use to communicate within your company. It can engage, entertain, and inform in a way that other forms of communication can’t!

So the next time you sit down at your computer to write that long company-wide e-mail, consider making a video instead to get the information across, and make it memorable!

Does your company use internal video? In what ways have you used it, or seen it used? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts–we want to hear from you![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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