Laughter – it makes you do stuff! It makes you take action… or not. (And sometimes that’s a good thing in a video ad.)

They just made me laugh!

How many times have you gone on YouTube and seen a funny video for a product — that you watched from beginning to end — before you got to see your video?

More than likely you’d say “Too many times” or “Yeah, I watched the whole thing…but I couldn’t help it!

Think about it; even though YouTube lets you skip a video ad in 5 seconds, why is it that there are some videos, particularly those that have humor in them that you will watch entirely, no matter how long it is?

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Simple: it’s because the video was funny! 

Humor is the hook – laughter is the payoff.

Humor is the big hook and since there is that option to end a potentially boring product video, the smart marketer does something in the first few seconds of a product video to catch the viewer’s attention and keep them watching right to the end. Here are 4 examples of companies that used humor to catch your attention and keep it:

Dollar Shave – Every guy will tell you how hard it is to find a good razor. Dollar Shave gets you just with their name…then they toss in a laugh or two showing you how easy it is for a good razor to get delivered right to your door. 

Comcast – The Squatter – In the internet world it’s all about speed! The folks at Comcast use a pretty funny “squatter” from another company to show how their product is better. (British Telecommunications) – Everything about this one is hilarious…especially what goes on in the background!

Old Spice – Blown Mind – An old brand got some new life with very few changes to the product itself. What did change? The marketing changed, the message changed. The rest has become history!

Got a strong message? Don’t forget the humor!

Every product should have a good, strong message; something that sets the tone for how it is perceived to customers and potential customers, but once in a while, a little humor never hurt!

Here is an Old Spice commercial that has Grover in it…it’s 1 minute and 17 seconds long…we’re sure you’ll watch the entire thing!

Old Spice – Isaiah Mustafa vs. Grover

(And laughter ensues… )

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