A new year and new decade are coming up fast. What new technology will we experience? How will we change and adapt to it? What impact will disruptive technology have on consumers and businesses?

These are just some of the questions we’re asking because we love new technology (one of the reasons we first got into the video production business). This is why we’re diving into a new business sector – Software as a Service (SaaS).  And we’re pleased to share what we’re discovering and learning with you!

UpTech Report

As part of our deep dive, we’re building new relationships, interviewing SaaS owners and experts, and examining all kinds of disruptive technology. Our goal is to better understand the details about the technology, the issues, and challenges being faced, and the opportunities for growth. Of course, we’re capturing it all on video!

There is much to be gleaned from our interviews with SaaS experts and business owners. Our video content will explore how new technology is disrupting and transforming entire industries.

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UpTech in your ears

For those who prefer to listen to rather than watch these interviews, we have also launched the new UpTech Report podcast.

Here, we’ll cover the same great content in audio form, with new episodes every week. You’ll find it on your favorite podcast app.

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