Video Storytelling

[a Customer Success Story]

How to do you make something mechanical and scientific compelling?

That’s the problem Reuel Heyden from Heyden Communications recently faced while consulting with a life sciences company about their new agricultural product.

“There’s a very logical, mechanical, scientific reason for using their services, but that’s not compelling,” Reuel said.


The power of video storytelling

Reuel knew the solution–tell a story. Find a way to make something technical emotionally compelling.

And what better way to do that than with video?

Reuel reached out to Your Local Studio to help tell this visual story. A number of things about us caught Reuel’s attention–he found us to be “responsive” and “dynamic”.

“[Your Local Studio] can recognize a good idea regardless of where it comes from,” he said.

Sometimes it’s good to have a different perspective from someone on the outside. In Reuel’s case, it was necessary to have a third party involved who wouldn’t get caught up in the technical, scientific details about the product.

A custom story

With the help of Your Local Studio, over 50 unique videos were created to promote the new product, each with custom intros.

Yet they all share same basic message–the same story. That way, each customer would feel like the video was created uniquely for them.

That’s the power of video. It can make you feel something, like a particular piece of content was made just for you.

The feedback Reuel and his client received was “extremely positive”. Customers wanted to know how soon they could get the new product,  and wanted to start making space for it.

“That’s a good problem to have,” Reuel told us.

Thanks to the success of video storytelling, Reuel’s client is already looking to make more videos in the same vein for a new product.

We enjoyed helping Reuel and his client tell their story in a compelling way, and are excited about the opportunity to be their go-to resource–their partner in video storytelling.

If you believe video storytelling is the solution to your marketing problem, give us a call. We’d be delighted to partner with you to make a meaningful difference!