You may already know that LinkedIn video is a valuable way of demonstrating your expertise, your company or brand. But now you might be thinking, “What’s the next step for pushing this kind of content to the next level?”  “What’s your objective?” and “What kind of video aligns better with the type of success I want to achieve?”

In today’s “Video Tip” we share which are the best types of video you can and should start creating, according to your goals.

Check them out in the video below and get ready for instant success on LinkedIn!

At  Your Local Studio we are constantly working on new ideas and new ways of reaching our customer’s goals to provide the best solutions when using videos in LinkedIn. Here are a few tips, including ideas directly from LinkedIn, on the best types of videos you can create.

Depending on the goal you’re looking to reach there are two possible paths to take:

If your goals are related to brand awareness and brand consideration you might consider these type of videos:

  1. Thought leadership video: creating a video to show what you think on a certain topic, news or event. This is a great way of bringing awareness.
  2. Brand story video: who doesn’t love a good story? It not only connects with your audience but captivates them in a unique way, as it creates a human connection.
  3. Customer success stories: a case study focused on a specific audience can attract similar viewers to your company or persona.

If you’re looking for demand generation, then you should start creating these other types of videos:

  1. Product demo video: demonstrating the specifics characteristics of your product in a video is not the same as just writing about it. You can definitely capitalize on the visual power of video here!
  2. Webinar sneak peak: while a product demo video works perfectly for material products, the webinar option is good for services. Webinars are great tools to explain what you have to offer. Show just a bit of the webinar at first to attract more attention and participants!
  3. Event preview video: showing testimonials or teasers of past events will gain more subscribers to your next event.

You could even use old material to make new videos in LinkedIn and re-purpose them to achieve your goals! A fabulous tip from Viveka von Rosen and her team at Vengreso is to add a welcome video with your leadership team in your LinkedIn Company page. It shows the people working behind that project and humanizes it in a very real way, adding more trust to your brand.

And it works much better if you “pin” your LinkedIn video to the top of your Company Page feed. Then it will always be there to welcome new users and engage with them!

Another great tip comes from LinkedIn expert Mark McIntosh, who recommends creating non-salesy content in LinkedIn and adding actual value to your audience. LinkedIn works as a touch point with your audience, so useful video content will increase your engagement with them, rather than just making a sale.

And last but not least, use videos referencing industry news or events to position yourself as a thought leader. In another words “newsjacking” with a video – hijack a topic to use, and add your own voice to it!

Do you have another LinkedIn video type content that works for you?

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