To learn more about email marketing, we reached out to 2 Raleigh experts: Karen Kanakanui of CopyVox  and Nancy Bolts of Bolts Creative CommunicationsThey each provided 3 tips – so here are your 7 Tips from Experts!

Tip #1

Have a Commanding Headline – you’ve gotta get people interested!

Tip #2

Make sure your main point – your headline, your key benefits – appears “above the fold.” In email programs like Outlook with a “preview mode,” there’s a small window to get your message out. What’s in the preview window can determine if someone opens your email or not.

Tip #3

Use sub headings.  Make it easy for your reader to skim through and get the main points easily.

Tip #4

If you want to make sure the body of your email looks a certain way, adjust your line length to no more than 60 characters.  Even better – format your email line-by-line and use hard returns to make the lines appear exactly as you want them to.

Tip #5

Include power words and phrases like “How to” “Inside Information…” “12 Easy Steps…”

I took their advice and you’ll notice that this email had the information – 7 tips from experts – in the header!

Tip #6

Make sure any links are “clickable” – even if you have to use a shortened URL. Nothing is more frustrating to your reader than having a link that breaks across two lines and becomes unusable!

and our 7th Tip – to add some pizzazz…

Use a video!

Here are 3 things to remember when using video in email marketing:

  • Use the word “video” in your subject line  (I don’t because you expect me to use a video!)
  • Keep the video short – you want them to watch till the end
  • Use the video as your primary visual.

In a 2011 survey done by the Web Video Marketing Council, 88% of marketers who have used video said that adding video has had a positive effect on their email marketing efforts. And 72% believed that buyers were more likely to purchase or convert after viewing an email campaign that incorporated video.   Cool, huh?

That’s it for your 7 tips! Do you have anything to add?

Have you used an email marketing campaign?  What was your experience – we’d love to know!  Leave a comment below – let’s share!

(thanks to Nancy Campbell, the Headache Slayer, for her words of wisdom!)