Lights?  No – not the lights in the studio… (Although we do have some great lighting options here at Your Local Studio.)

When December arrives, everyone thinks of one thing: Christmas!!! And they say that in addition to Christmas being a time of giving and receiving, that it is also a time of light…and what better way to enjoy this wonderful time of light than by venturing out to see one of the many displays of holiday lights that people put up on their home and in their front yards.

Finding the Lights

While it is impossible to list every single place, here are a few links that may help find a Christmas light display close to you:

  • Back in 2009, WRAL provided an online map of local neighborhood light displays in the Raleigh area. While some locations may have changed, you may want to choose a spot close to you and see if they still put their light show on. To see the map, click here
  • This article from November, 2016, also provided by WRAL (with full credit to Sarah Lindenfeld Hall) details 8 places that will have holiday light displays through the month of December, 2016.
  • In an article entitled “Holiday Light Shows Glow With Seasonal Cheer”, the folks at provided a list of light shows that commonly take place in locations throughout North Carolina from the Mountains to the Cost. Just click on the article name to view the story. Links to each individual event are included in the story as well!
  • Wake County Neighborhood Holiday Light Displays was updated for 2016 with local neighborhood holiday light displays throughout Wake County. Since we can’t confirm if a certain location still does the light show, we suggest choosing one close to you.

And if you’re REALLY feeling adventurous, why not pack up your family , and of course, your camera and video gear and head to the town of McAdenville, North Carolina, which is known as “Christmas Town, USA.” In McAdenville, not just one house has a light display, ALL of them do; in fact, the WHOLE TOWN is decorated for Christmas. It’s a famous spot, and people drive from miles around just to see it!

Wishing you and your family a light filled holiday – wherever you go to see those lights!