Lorraine Stephens presented “Effective Interactive Presentations using PowerPoint,” a LIVE webisode broadcast, part of Your Local Studio’s Spring 2012 Learning Series on 4/4/12. Take a look at the recorded version below:

Here’s the original presentation description:

As entrepreneurs and business owners you know how to prepare and deliver your speech, but do you struggle with the use of a multimedia tool to assist with your presentation?  Have you seen one too many poorly delivered presentations that used PowerPoint as the delivery tool? Do you wish you could make your presentations more interesting and dynamic with the use of this visual aid? Then you do not want to miss this seminar.

It is truly a training session of “how to”, not just an overview but step by step instructions. We will :

  • Assure your presentation stays within the allocated time

  • Eliminate the need to hide and unhide slides as you prepare to deliver your information to various audiences

  • Discuss how to incorporate information from other presentations in your current presentation.

  • Discover how to include data from other sources in your presentation.

  • And more…

Your next presentation will be a more dynamic one as your knowledge on how to use a presentation system will be heightened. Just wait! You will not believe your growth.

Check out Lorraine’s site at http://LorraineStephens.com/